Home fries and white toast included.

Vegetable omelette $10.95

broccoli, red peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Cheese omelette $9.95

your choice, cheddar, gruyere or american cheese.

Egg whites omelette $11.95

your choice, vegetables or cheese.

Spanish omelette $10.95

Ham,peppers,tomatoes,onions and queso fresco.


Home fries $4.50

Bacon,Ham or taylor ham $4.25

                                                         3 EGGS PLATTERS

                                              Home fries and white toast included

 Egg Whites $11.95

sauteed spinach and broccoli.

Add cheese. $.50

Eggs $10.95

Your choice,over easy, over hard, scrambled or sunny side up,Smoked sausage,

 taylor ham,bacon or ham.

Add cheese. $.50


Tex Mex Sandwich $8.50

taylor ham, eggs, home fries, peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and  homemade chipotle mayo on ciabatta bread.

Taylor ham Sandwich $6.99

egg and cheese.

Bacon Sandwich $6.99

egg and cheese.

Ham Sandwich $6.99

egg and cheese.

Sausage Sandwich $6.99

smoked  sausage links ,egg and cheese.

Your choice, cheddar, gruyere or american cheese, your choice, ciabatta bread, sourdough, italian roll,or whole wheat bread.

Fiesta burrito $8.95    

spanish rice, beans, peppers, onions, eggs,mild monterey cheddar cheese and homemade chipotle mayo.                         


                                                   Fresh fruit included

                                             Pan de mie for all sandwiches 

Kids peanut butter and  jelly $6.25

Kids nutella $6.25

Nutella and banana $7.25

Peanut butter and banana $7.25   

Baked french toast Slices pan de mie served with maple syrup, fresh sliced  apples and powdered sugar $7.50

Add strawberries $2.00




Soups and Sides