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Simply Good Food


We use locally sourced food when ever possible. Our menu is designed to make sure that you get the freshest and best tasting food we can provide. 


At Northside Kitchen the menu reflects our passions as a family and what we want to share with the community. We have created our menu with a few things in mind; quality, attainability, waste reduction, and of course, flavor. Our sandwiches and salads are familiar, delicious, and will satiate your need for comfort food. Our soups rotate regularly, allowing us to give you what's good, when its good.

Please ask about our specials, especially in the spring and summer months. Certain items are only good when they're good, and no matter how hard we try we cant capture the perfection of a jersey tomato at the height of summer, or the taste of a perfectly ripened piece of fruit. With this in mind we have decided to only offer certain menu items during the time of the year when they will truly be worth it. 


The Family Kitchen